Bioelements 3-Step Starter Set Sensitive Skin – 3 pcs


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Bioelements 3-Step Starter Set Sensitive Skin is the trio set of full-size sensitive skin treatments to calm, relax, and rejuvenate delicate skin features anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich ingredients.The first step is a cleanser with Sensitive Skin Cleansing Oil, A 2-in-1 makeup cleanser and remover with soothing natural ingredients like Reparative plant and Olive Oils. It restores your skin barrier, reduces redness, and fight free-radicals while leaving delicate skin soft, smooth, and fresh feeling.The second step is a facial mist with Soothing Reset MistTM. This soothing face mist help to hydrate, nourish, and protect the skin. Plus, it reduces visible infection and calms the skin.The last step is a moisturizer, Barrier Fix Daily HydratorTM. A powerful moisturizing treatment to address irritation and strengthen sensitive skin’s barrier. With the blend of moisture-locking Hyaluronic Acid plus the Chinese Mushroom, it delivers intense hydration into skin instantly, protects against redness, and helps restore barrier damage.Bioelements 3-Step Starter Set Sensitive Skin is selected only the gentle yet active products to strength and protect your skin.Kit Includes:Sensitive Skin Cleansing Oil – 3.7 ozSoothing Reset MistTM – 3.7 ozBarrier Fix Daily HydratorTM – 1.7 ozBenefits:Hydrates with hyaluronic acid.Calms and Soothes inflammation.Repairs skin barrier.Reduces inflammation and redness.Nourishes skin with natural essentials.Cleans, refreshes, and smooths skin instantly.For Sensitive Skin.Directions:See individual items.Bioelements 3-Step Starter Set Sensitive Skin Ingredients:See individual items.