Bioelements 3-Step Starter Set Oily Skin – 3 pcs


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Bioelements 3-Step Starter Set Oily Skin is a perfect skin care routine for oily skin that controls oil formation with three easy steps. It refreshes your skin, re-balance, nourish, and eliminate oil while giving your skin bright, fresh, and smooth. This 3-step system comes with full size of Cleanser, Toner, and Moisturizer to target and remove extra oil without stripping your skin moist and delivers the intense hydration to manage extra shine.The 1 step is washing away all dirt, impurities, and excess oil to leave skin clean, balanced, fresh, and wholly invigorated with Decongestant Cleanser. It is specially formulated for oily skin with a deep cleansing, lathering gel cleanser that balances Adaptogens. The 2 step is hydrating toner to refresh and prepare your complexion for the next step with Equalizer, the mist to nourish and restore with essential plant extracts. It produces intense hydration to re-balance the skin. Leaving skin with hydrating, refreshing, and non-drying feeling.The 3 step is a moisturizer with Beyond Hydration, the light-weight gel moisturizer infused with vitamin B5 to refresh oily skin. It protects moisture loss and binds the needed water to the surface. Use Bioelements 3-Step Starter Set Oily Skin day and night to regenerate crucial moisture levels, nourish, rejuvenate, and replenish for brighter and healthier skin.Kit Includes:Decongestant Cleanser – 6 ozEqualizer – 6 ozBeyond Hydration – 2.5 ozBenefits:Ideal for Oily Skin.Oil-free herbal formula.Calms and Relaxes the skin.Provides a deep foaming action.Infuses the skin with intense moisture.Delivers tight, pore-free complexion and even tone.Light-Weight, non-greasy texture.100% oil-free hydrating gel.Keeps your skin’s water-to-oil balance.Directions:See individuals items.Bioelements 3-Step Starter Set Oily Skin Ingredients:See individuals items.