Skin Script Anti-Aging Serum Kit (with Peptide Eye Serum) (23905)


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Skin Script Anti-Aging Serum Kit is a anti-aging skincare set that tagets rosacea, fine lines and brightening.Combined with Peptide Eye Serum, it alleviates wrinkles and tightens and firms, reduces wrinkle depth.Ageless Skin Hydrating Serum helps to firm and plump fine lines. Hyaluronic attracts and binds moisture around cells for extra hydration.Infused with Vitamin C, Co-Q10, and Peptides, 15% Vitamin C/Green Tea Serum gives the skin a boost in brightening, cellular repair, hydrating and soothing for soft, glowing skin.Skin Script Anti-Aging Serum Kit gives a refreshed, youthful appearance while neutralizing free radicals that ages and oxidizes our skin.Benefits:Reduces noticible wrinkles.Improves hydration.Reduces redness.Encourages healthy cellular skin functions.Stimulates collagen products.Brightens and tones the tissue.Kit Includes:Vitamin C/Green Tea Serum – 1 ozPeptide Eye Serum – 0.5 ozAgeless Skin Hydrating Serum – 1 ozDirections:Use serum kit daily for noticeable results.