Lira Clinical BB Blanc 30 with PSC – 0.7 oz (3830)


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For Very Light Skin Tones.An all-in-one beauty revolution, Lira Clinical BB Blanc 30 with PSC can be used as your daily moisturizer, SPF 30 sun protection and full coverage flawless foundation.Full of anti-aging ingredients, Lira Clinical BB Blanc 30 with PSC are also anti-inflammatory and healing making them the perfect solution for sensitive skin and use after resurfacing treatments.Benefits:A corrective treatment that heals wounds and inperfections.Llightens dark spots and provides a more radiant skin tone.Keeps you protected from the harmful rays of the sun with its 30 SPF protection.Contains Arbutin and Mulberry Extract and skin brightening ingredients.Directions:Apply daily as a moisturizer. Can be used as an under eye primer and also acts as a CC Creme.Lira Clinical BB Blanc 30 with PSC Key Ingredients:SPF 30ArbutinMulberry ExtractIndian PennywortSwiss Apple Plant Stem CellsGrape Plant Stem CellsVitamin A, C & E