Glymed Plus Arnica Healing Cream – 2 oz


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Glymed Plus Arnica Healing Cream reduces acne inflammation, bruises, bumps and swelling in addition to relieving aches, soothing chapped lips and sun and windburns by using a homeopathic formula. Enhance the skin’s natural defense system against acne inflammation, bruises and swelling with this homeopathic formula containing active arnica montana extract and certified botanicals of mallow, grape seed and primrose.Benefits:Helps the skin regain elasticity, clarity and suppleness.Protects skin from dehydration and aggressionHelps strengthen the skin’s natural barrier and for moisturizing acne prone skinSuitable for all skin types, especially ideal for inflammation, bruises, and swelling.Directions:Massage into affected areas twice daily. Do not use on open wounds or lesions. IngredientsGlymed Plus Arnica Healing Cream Ingredients: