Glymed Plus Age Management Peptide Cleanser with PC10 – 6.75 oz


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Glymed Plus Age Management Peptide Cleanser with PC10 thoroughly washes away impurities without leaving any residue while maintaining skin’s pH levels.  It contains a proprietary blend of powerful antioxidants, amino acids, and botanicals to restore damaged skin.  Rose flower oil  and primrose oil delivers hydrating properties improving signs of aging to leave the skin looking younger. Benefits:Contains Rose flower oil, Primrose extract, Speedwell and various other high grade botanicals.Helps correct the damage from free radical injury.Combats inflammation, one of the major causes of skin aging.Smooths, tones, and relaxes muscles.Reduces inflammation and has natural skin lightening properties.Great for all skin types. Especially for post-procedural, dry/dehydrated, sensitive and aging skin.Directions:Each morning and evening, with dry hands, apply a liberal amount of Peptide Cleanser to dry skin, gently massaging the area to be cleansed. Remove with tepid water and a warm, damp cloth.