Bioelements 3-Step Starter Set Combination Skin – 3 pcs


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Bioelements 3-Step Starter Set Combination Skin is a perfect skin care routine for combination skin that targets both oil and dryness problems all in one set. It removes the extra oil and rebalances without causing dry areas to get drier, or oily areas to get oilier. This 3-step system includes a full size of cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, and each one has specially selected only the best products for combination skin.The first step is Flash Foam Cleanser that removes makeup and dirt while revealing fresh and radiant skin. Combination skin types can be guaranteed that this cleanser will do more than offering radiant, fresh skin.The second step is Equalizer, the hydrating toner for combination skin. It is an alcohol-free facial toner that utilizes Chinese herbs, essential oils, and chamomile to soothe the skin while enhancing its strength. Prepare and refreshes your skin to absorb more benefits from the next step.The final step is Absolute Moisture, the self-adjusting moisturizer in this lightweight fragrance-free cream. This combination skin moisturizer manages your skin’s moisture balance. It absorbs quickly and thoroughly without greasy residue.For the best result, apply this Bioelements 3-Step Starter Set Combination Skin daily to keep your skin brighter, healthier, and smoother for a long time.Kit Includes:Flash Foam Cleanser – 6.5 ozEqualizer – 6 ozAbsolute Moisture – 2.5 ozBenefits:Ideal for Combination Skin.Lightweight and fragrance-free.Leave no residue on the skin.Absorb quickly into skin.Locks skin in healthy moisture.Reduces swelling, irritation, and associated symptoms.Removes Debris, makeup, and dirt.Enhances, relieves, and guards your skin.Evens the skin tone and minimizes the appearance of skin pores.Directions:See individuals items.Bioelements 3-Step Starter Set Combination Skin Ingredients:See individuals items.